by Hell Mary



released 04 July 2015

Tracked and mixed by Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios.

Dylan- Drums/Vox
Tom- Bass/Guitar/Vox
Matt- Guitar/Vox
Paul- Vocals/Words



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Hell Mary West Milford, New Jersey

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Track Name: Screening
live life on display
a copy of a copy- a derivative plague
no curtains on the stage
a photo of a photo as experience fades
these filtered pictures replace words
that used to stand for something- be so much more
and there's nothing i can say
that hasn't been said in a much better way
oh so boring, oh so plain
oh so boring, i'm just the same
no calluses on my hands or on my finger tips
no scars on my legs, or scabs on my knees
no dirt on my feet or chips in my teeth
i've become too frail
no blackened fingernails
my vision's too clear
no ringing in my ears
i miss the days where "the world at our finger tips"
was just a metaphor and it's crippling
Track Name: Window Seat
well, the truth won't set me free
it will only imprison me
iron bars shimmer with regret
with my feet strapped to legs of a stationary seat
facing a window to remind me:

i'll continue to build bridges just to watch them
crumble and burn
and i won't turn away
as they diappear
my hope- lost in the rubble
swallowed by sand
why would i choose to move from this perfect view?
sparkling glass to look through
Track Name: Compartmentalization
shake that finger...
i'm kicking open doors as they slam shut
my toes turn black- a throbbing pact:
a reminder of what i'll never have
advancement deluded
i can't proceed nor can i leave
keep me detained/keep me contained/leave me restrained
shake that finger in my face