by Hell Mary

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released 27 March 2014

Art by Stas.
Fake Art/Fake Music.
Recorded by Miles Austin.
Matt, Paul and Dylan played on this.
Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Carafa.
Track 4 and 5 written by Thomas Schlatter and Hell Mary.
Demos recorded by Kevin Carafa.



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Track Name: Hell Mary- Tongue and Cheek (ft. Mikey Gnar)
she had a smile so illuminating
she had goals; she had plans…
self induced disease it changed everything
self induced disease it changed everything

and now she’s seeing things that aren’t even there
she hardly sleeps/she barely eats
swollen gums; sandpaper tongue
holes for teeth
trick or treat

the shadow people knocking at her door
she'll answer it and go back for more
she’ll smile: relief
she never sleeps, you can see it in her teeth

and now she's seeing things that aren't even there
she barely sleeps/she hardly eats
swollen gums; sandpaper tongue
holes for teeth
self defeat

up for days
up for weeks
never sleeps

you can see it in her teeth
Track Name: Hell Mary- Woe is You
it's all gray skies and it's all black clouds
until you're 6 feet under ground
cause you want to be found and make the world proud
but your days are counting down
as you cry:

“bury me”


bury me
remember me.

a self-appointed crown
means absolutely nothing
when you're so far down
oh so proud. you can't be found.
you never made a...
Track Name: Hell Mary- For the Birds
i want to fly
i wanna soar through the sky
despite: self-made rules i comply
with no real goals
i've fucked my dreams.

always so eager to please
this self-inflicted disease
i flap my wings violently
the sickness of a scripted reality

it's all my fault i never fall
in four walls i've built so small

watch me crawl

trapped in confines
my feet are tied
hardly applied.
scrape by

always so eager to please
upon a grave of dreams

i flap my wings violently
yet wet sand engulfs my feet
Track Name: Hell Mary- Cast Party (Demo)
i'm no exception
i'm merely blending in.
discomfort in the skin i'm in
an art. deception.

and what's the point of an outlet when nothing seems to fit?
nothing's sinking in. no nothing sticks.
a chameleon personality.
on display. every day. a mundane

with the actors all the same
rehearsed lines. regurgitate.
for every feeling a new face

regurgitate the foot that i ate
regurgitate the problems i face
regurgitate the words that i swallow
regurgitate looks like i'm losing weight.
but wait.

sorry but, i've gotta leave before we eat
restless nights and uneasy dreams.
impatiently wait to greet me.
and i'm no exception.
i offer no solution.
Track Name: Hell Mary- Failed Policy (Demo)
a tired pattern forming
a stock program so boring
a failed policy- but i won't disagree
in the privacy of my own apathy

is it just me, or is it just me?
it's just me

i engage
i indulge
i engage
i indulge

shackled to routine
of me me me
i am the slave and master
of my own debris
i love the tension
but hate the release
i love the tension
but i hate the release

and when it's over
i close my eyes. shake my head.
clean up. fix my bed.
I know that i'll do it again.