by Hell Mary

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Cave In 00:56
Drifter 01:41
why can't i justify? i've wasted so much of my precious time solace denied my flooded mind exerting energy i just don't have my nervousness... spits in my face as i slip away no longer safe no longer secure once a drifter... but now i'm more now i'm more now I'm more i'm letting go a few more holes no longer afloat embrace a future unknown only way to grow grow.
Dead/Rest 01:00
forced into prisons called hospitals remind us we're not invincible time/money: my luxury "put me in a diaper fill up my IV- cause that's the life I want" *quoted line said in conversation by James R Theesfeld
Confined 01:05
force-fed in a cage built of black and white another day he's ashamed of what he cannot change look beyond the feigned smile on his face. put yourself in his place, locked away. tame, yet enraged it's not okay.
Easy-Fix 01:28
agreements: paper's not binding and contracts mean shit signatures: no more than scribbles on dirty napkins we do what we want when we want how we want what do we want? cause there's always cause there's always a way cause there's always a way out i'm sorry i'm sorry- recite it like a pledge as our feet hang over the ledge we want to jump, but we won't no, we won't
Choir of One 03:43
i'm sick, so fucking sick of repeating- repeating it and you're sick, so fucking sick of hearing- hearing it you call it complacency i prefer redundancy how many times can you ask me? how much you making? where you living? who you fucking? it's the same old, the same mold a tired/boring conversation where stories are told yet nothing unfolds and i'm stuck in the middle of the road and i'll preach to a choir of one (i've been preaching to a choir of one) a trite song, for as long as it takes to believe- believe in myself as days drone by and i fall shy nothing ever complete just done.


Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Carafa.
Recorded in Sept ’13 by James R. Theesfeld and Sean Farrelly.
Special thanks to Tom Fett and Bryan Kwasnik who helped us through the process
Logo by Joey Southside.
Tree picture taken by Stef D’Amore.
Cover design by Stas Wrobel.


released October 3, 2013

Tape out on Ride the Fury:
25 Clear (Band)
40 Gold (Band)
40 Gold (RTF)


all rights reserved



Hell Mary West Milford, New Jersey

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